About Us

Management Property Solution, LLC

Our company consists of a highly knowledgeable and motivated staff focused on this growing segment of the tourism industry.

Our success is made possible by utilizing advanced technologies to best exploit our marketing expertise to target millions of potential buyers worldwide and for maximum exposure to our resale clients. We provide to our clients extensive experience in the purchasing and selling of vacation properties worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a timeshare property to purchase, or if you’ve ever thought, “I wonder what my re-sale options are for the membership I currently own”, we feel we’re the best available option for you.

Anyone who currently owns a timeshare has probably wondered what it would take to sell that membership, and are there any companies out there who specialize in this area? Well you've come to the right place! Management Property Solution, LLC is a company that works with individuals and corporations to assist in this process and we have experience working with clients and resorts all over the world.