Frequently Asked Questions

We do not accept all requests as we only sale timeshare intervals we believe to be competitively priced. Hence the reason for the market analysis, this analysis is at no cost to you, nor do we ever charge up-front fees. Based on the results of the analysis, we will prepare an Offer and Sales Agreement for your review and approval. The price quoted will represent the NET CASH TO YOU at close of Escrow.

We employ this unique approach to timeshare resales for several important reasons:

a) Management Property Solution, LLC is a results oriented sales organization. We only get paid when we achieve your objective; close of escrow. We incur the cost of the market analysis precisely because it assures you that we share the same agenda. In addition, it permits us to be candid in our assessment of market value. Further, we invest in marketing your timeshare, targeting and qualifying the buyer, and adding value through a professional sales presentation. This is done at a price, which, hopefully, compensates us for our efforts. We keep the difference between the agreed "Net Purchase Price", and the ultimate sale price. If we do not believe this can be accomplished profitably, we will not accept your listing.

b) Management Property Solution, LLC places a high value on your goodwill. We will not waste your time and money by setting unreal expectations. Listing your timeshare merely to control access to it in the marketplace is a gross disservice to you, and counterproductive for us. What we want more than your business is to earn your referrals. Referrals are the lifeblood of a serious sales organization.

I have personally become very fond of three phrases, and would like to share them with you:

"It's better to tell someone what they need to know, rather than what they wish to hear”.

"No business is better than bad business”.

"Don't shoot the messenger”.

Here is a list of some of the basic frequently asked questions regarding vacation ownership. This information is especially handy to the first time buyer. If you need further assistance in answering your questions please contact us.

1. If I Originally Purchased from a Resort Can I Resell My Timeshare?

Yes! Regardless of when or where you purchased your timeshare, you are entitled to resell it.

2. Do I Need an Appraisal to Sell Timeshare?

No, your timeshare property was not "appraised" when you purchased it, and it does not need to be re-appraised to be sold.

3. Do I need an attorney or real estate broker for the closing of my vacation property?

Legal counsel or a broker is not required because Management Property Solution, LLC only works with licensed and bonded title companies.

4. Should I let my resort sell my timeshare?

Most resorts do not have a resale department. The ones who do have a resale department typically charge a large percentage of the sale. Management Property Solution, LLC offers you a one-stop-shop so you can get the desired price for your vacation property.

5. What are maintenance fees? And how much are they?

The cost of resort operation is spread among owners via an annual maintenance fee. The fee must also build up reserves to pay for non-recurring costs like furniture, appliances etc. that need periodic replacement and other capital costs as normal physical deterioration occurs. The developer or homeowners association establishes cost.

6. What is red, white, or blue time?

Yes! Regardless of when or where you purchased your timeshare, you are entitled to resell it.

7. What should I look for when buying a timeshare?

Location, costs and amenities, among others.

8. What is Accelerated Use?

A program that allows an owner to use their weeks sooner than originally planned. For example, if you bought 20 years you can use 2 weeks a year for 10 years rather than one week a year for 20 years.

9. What is C.A.R.E. Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers?

C.A.R.E. is a non-profit trade association whose members have timeshare resort inventory all over the world and provide customers with rentals by exchanging vacation inventory among them.

10. What does Fly-Buy means?

Also called a mini-vac or mini-vacation package where the resort offers an extremely discounted package as long as you attend a timeshare presentation where the vacationer is required to attend a short sales presentation. They might offer free tickets to a park, or a certificate for dinner along with the package.